You may have few plans on your Bamboo dashboard, or many pages of projects that make you appreciate the Quick Search feature, but regardless of how busy of a dashboard you have, a faster cleaner build pipeline is what we all aim for. Bamboo 5.8 provides better agent management and smarter tasks that both lead to a faster, easier-to-manage build structure.

Ready for less queue time and Docker tasks? Read on to learn more.

Use Docker as an agent capability

Docker is the open platform for building, shipping and running applications anywhere leveraging Docker container technology. We introduced  Docker agents in Bamboo 5.7 to simplify the creation and management of build agents, and now we’re thrilled to introduce Docker Tasks in Bamboo 5.8.

Bamboo tasks that require a certain capability can only be run by agents that provide that capability. There are times when introducing a new requirement into your build means updating many or all of your agents to provide the new capability. This process gets much simpler when using Docker tasks. All you need are Docker images that meet your build’s required capabilities, and agents with a Docker capability. Docker tasks will then team up with those agents to load images matching your build’s requirements. In Docker tasks, ‘Docker’ acts as a capability on the remote agent, making it even easier to run builds with requirements that would otherwise not be satisfied by the agent’s other capabilities.

Our Docker story doesn’t end here! Stay tuned throughout this year as we continue to make Docker a first-class citizen in Bamboo.


Improved support for Amazon resources

Elastic Bamboo allows you to scale your continuous delivery automatically with Amazon resources. Using a remote agent AMI, with an enabled remote agent support, our friendly CI tool creates instances of elastic agents to run your builds following the same traditions as those of remote agents. Being an active member of the ‘Make things even better’ developer tools family, we looked into this feature and decided to improve the use of Amazon resources in Bamboo 5.8 by:

Supporting multi-availability zones for better scaling:

With Bamboo requesting instances from more than one availability zone, the chance of a request getting rejected is now minimal – hence faster builds! If one agent request is denied due to high load in an availability zone, Bamboo will now switch to the next availability zone in an epic round-robin style! 


Providing stock images in all regions for easier Elastic Bamboo configuration:

Prior to this release, Bamboo stock images were only available in the US East region. In an effort to facilitate the use of EC2 with Bamboo, we decided to add Linux and Windows stock images to all EC2 regions. 


Support for Java 8

Java 8 contains new features, bug fixes, and significant improvements to the Java programming model, language, and libraries. We made Bamboo 5.8 fully compatible with Java 8 to ensure you benefit from all the enhancements offered in this latest iteration of the Java platform.

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