The Jira Desktop Client offers Jira users an alternative, asynchronous method for working with your issues. The connector is a good example of Jira’s SOAP and RPC services in action.
On October 29th, the Jira Desktop Client’s creator, Igor Sereda, will demonstrate the connector and discuss the ins and outs of developing an application that works alongside Jira. His presentation is part of our Plugin of the Month webinar series.
To get things rolling, we asked Igor a few questions:

face2a.jpgQ: I like to code in ______
… a dimly lit room of a seaside villa, sitting in a comfortable chair, listening to tranquil music, while two gorgeous models give me shoulder massage. Or, was it about language, not fantasies? Any language I find most effective for the task.
Q: JSR-666 is ______
A collection of absolutely necessary improvements to Java language and platform. I hope they still can add cross-class goto and pointer math in it.
Q: When I’m not coding I’m _____
Looking for people to code with me!
Q: My advice for other plugin developers is _____
Not much here from a remote add-on developer. Consider if it makes sense for your plug-in to have a remote API. If it does, design API from the very beginning; chances are you’ll be using the same interfaces.

The webinar takes place October 29 at 9am PST/16:00GMT and will run for approximately 45 minutes. Register today. Interested in being our guest on a future webinar? Please drop us a line.

Behind the scenes of the Jira Desktop Client...