At OSCON a couple weeks ago, I started a conversation with one attendee about continuous integration. It was a practice he wasn’t that familiar with. He knew the names of some open source CI servers, but hadn’t heard of Bamboo, our CI build server. Another guy at the table overheard the conversation and said, “Isn’t Bamboo the one that offers build telemetry?”
He also asked about how Bamboo integrates with our other products. “Integration is not an easy thing, it’s harder than everyone thinks,” he said. (I may be mangling the precise wording, but it’s not too far off!)
Well today we’re launching Bamboo 2.1 and are happy to announce that this release tightens up the integration with Jira, making at least one of our customers happier. 🙂
The integration makes it easy to get an update on the status of each project. Are your projects going to be on schedule or held up? What issues are causing the most problems? Which issues have been resolved most easily? These are the types of questions that Bamboo 2.1 + Jira help solve.
For example, when you integrate Jira with Bamboo 2.1…

  • Bamboo will still automatically link an issue to your build when you specify it in your commit message, but it will now also pick up related Jira issue keys that have been included in build comments and labels.
  • You can flag when a particular Jira issue is fixed in a project version and make the build artifacts available (and downloadable) right from the Jira issue.
  • Real-time tracking of the builds for a project or version has been included in this release of Bamboo.
  • Get a detailed view of which issues are linked to completed builds and which issues were worked on recently.

For full detail on 2.1, refer to the release notes.
Or, you can download an evaluation copy, get pricing, and read about Bamboo features.
Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

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