The City to Surf race in August 2008 was awesome.

Sydney City to Surf, 2008

The Race

We ran in a moving crowd of 70,000 people through 14 kilometres, witnessing many strange and hilarious costumes. Almost all finished the race in under two hours.

Our Donation

As a team, we donated money to the Shepherd Centre, a charity that helps kids with cochlear implants. Together we donated $974, and Atlassian matched our donations, creating a total donation of $1,948.


After we finished, we retired to the Lowenbrau in the Rocks for some rehydrating alcohol. While there, we were corralled by an avid customer (he spied our coordinated Atlassian t-shirts). He rushed up to us, saying “You guys are Atlassians, right? Right on! We just upgraded to Confluence 2.8 and it ROCKS!”

Right on, indeed. Here’s looking forward to next year!




Disclaimer: Do not watch these videos if you suffer from any form of motion sickness, or react badly to KFC’s ‘Hot & Spicy’ chicken. They are shot by hand, with no ‘stabilization” and watching them will likely result in temporary vision damage. Thanks for reading!

Overtaking a Chicken

Rock Band Rocking the Runners

Baffling ‘Horse-People of the Apocalypse’

Frat-Boy ‘Smurfs’

Powering up Heartbreak Hill

Random Bikini Dudes

Surreal Brass Band Performance

Crossing the Finish

Atlassians in the City to Surf Fun Run...