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I’m happy to share some good news with you! Atlassian Sydney was awarded a Hewitt Best Employer Highly Commended award last week as part of their 2009 study. As part of the process, we undertook an opinion survey of our staff with our results showing we have a fantastic engagement score of 87% (well above the Best Employer average engagement rate of 80%).
Hewitt explains a few benefits of high engagement below:

High engagement at Hewitt Best Employers not only relates to greater discretionary effort, more rewarding customer relationships and greater job commitment, it also promotes better talent through a stronger company reputation. Employees are not only saying great things to customers, they are also saying great things to people they know.

We were 1 of 110 Australian and New Zealand companies who participated in Hewitt’s study to identify Best Employers. In 2009, Atlassian was also highly commended as an Employer of Choice (for less than 1,000 employees) in the HR Leadership awards. We were also happy to be recognised as finalists in the following HR awards:

A large part of this comes from sticking to our values and constantly improving and innovating our HR practices.
I think these acknowledgements recognise Atlassian as an awesome place to work. We are still recruiting people to join our team – come and find out yourself!
Pictured:The Sydney Talent team (left to right): Sarah Nguyen, Joris Luijke and Marie Carigliano

Atlassian wins a Hewitt Best Employer 2009 Highly ...