Atlassian User GroupOur next round of Atlassian user groups are in full swing. This time around we are hitting some cities we’ve never done before, as well as coming back to some of our favorite hot-spots.
We’re switching up the format just a bit this time to make more room for round table discussions and networking (your surveys reported consistently that birds-of-a-feather are what keep you coming back). However, we’ll still have some peer customer presentations and Atlassian-updates. We’ve also chosen some really unique venues to insure a fun ambiance.
And don’t forget about the user group on steroids, Atlassian’s first worldwide user conference — Atlassian Summit – May 31-June 2 San Francisco, California.
User Groups:
19 February Los Angeles, California
Location: The Standard Hotel
Time: 2PM – 6PM
Sponsor: Go2Group
10 March Austin, Texas
Location: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Time: 2PM-6PM
Sponsor: Burleson Technology Group
12 March Washington DC
Location: Hudson Restaurant and Lounge
Time: 3PM-7Pm
Sponsor: BearingPoint
2 April Helsinki, Finland
Location: Kulosaaren Casino
Time: 2PM-6PM
Sponsor: Ambientia
23 April Seattle, Washington
Location: TBD
Time: 2Pm-6PM
Sponsor: Stepstone Technologies
25 June Boston, Massachusetts
Location: TBD
Time: 2pm-6pm
Sponsor: AppFire Technologies

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