We’re back with a fresh round of Atlassian User Groups, designed to help you meet customers, developers and discover more about our products and the Atlassian community!

The Lowdown:

User Groups, as the name implies, are all about you. Typically we have three to four short customer presentations on an interesting implementation or use case. That’s followed by several separate round table discussions on topics of your choosing (aka Birds of a Feather), where you’ll meet with fellow users and work through questions, issues and ideas you have stored up, complete with food and refreshments. User Groups are completely free to attend…and don’t worry, you won’t have to sit through a ” short” sales presentation either. This is all about you! RSVP here.

The upcoming lineup:

Sydney, AustraliaSeptember 23
Toronto, Canada October 14
New York, NYOctober 16
Berlin, GermanyOctober 23
San Francisco, CANovember 12
Amsterdam, NetherlandsNovember 26
London, UKDecember 4

Meet your maker:

Best of all, Atlassians will be on hand to be showered with love, pounded with questions or just shoot the breeze. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

Calling all nerds:

Have an interesting story to tell about our products? Share it at a user group! For more info, contact me at lkhalil [at] atlassian [dot] com

To sign up for any of our user groups, please visit this page.

We have updated the New York and Toronto User Group dates. Please see above for the revised dates.

Atlassian User Groups are back!...