bepartofsummit.jpgAtlassian Summit is just 78 days away. There are dozens of discussions in this 2-day event. As we run up to the event, we wanted to start highlighting some of the speakers — beginning today with a short interview with Tim Colson at Cisco. Tim will be speaking on Day 1 of the conference on a session entitled Scaling Confluence: Performance, Tuning and Administrative Tricks.
What’s your title and role within the organization?
IT Architect, responsible for several collaboration tools for the enterprise.
What product(s) will you be presenting at Atlassian Summit?
Confluence mostly, but with a few bits about Jira and Crowd.
How is your team using these tool(s)?
Confluence is used in every conceivable fashion. Some good, some bad, but at a large scale in all cases.
Can you give us a short preview of your presentation?
Rapid and widespread adoption of a wiki can significantly increase collaboration and create new paths for communication. Efficiently sharing information is a key success factor for any size organization. But what do you need to know as the system adoption and usage climbs higher and higher?
I plan to share insight gained from firsthand experience growing a wiki service from a department with dozen users into a massive system with multiple servers, tens of thousands of contributors, thousands of spaces, and nearly a quarter of a million wiki pages.
Some of the topic areas: adoption and culture, needs of individuals / large communities versus administration and scalability, plug-in good and evil, navigation for large sites, integration with other systems, security concerns, and other hopefully interesting areas.
What do you hope to get out of Summit yourself?
Hmm…. Great Thai food in the City, a chance to share stories with other Confluence users over some beers, and ultimately sharing the feedback with the Atlassian team to help them continue to improve the products.

Join us at Atlassian Summit 31 May to 2 June, 2009 in San Francisco. Meet other customers, our brilliant sponsors and partners, and Atlassian staff for more than 2 days of case studies, code, and performance tips on the products you use.

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