bepartofsummit.jpgAtlassian Summit is less than 40 days away. There are dozens of discussions in this 2-day event. As we run up to the event, we wanted to highlight some of the speakers.
This interview is with Brian Gregory of CPO Consulting. He will be speaking on a session entitled The Anchor Store: Four Killer Confluence Examples to Root Your Deployment.
What is your title and role within the organization?
My title is Principle Consultant and my role is to identify the need within our clients, understand their business process and put together a solution to improve their process through automation systems. My role is also to put together the consulting teams to deliver the solution and manage the project through to completion.
What product(s) will you be presenting at Summit?
I will be presenting Confluence at the Summit and how we have used it in a number of different clients to solve critical business information needs.
How is your team using these tool(s)?
We implement confluence for our clients and also use it internally to collaborate on projects. We will be presenting two case studies from recent implementations.
Please give us a short preview of your presentation.
I will be presenting and overview of a number implementations and also specifically two case studies of different uses for Confluence.
The first is an implementation of Confluence at a biotech company that is used to present quality metrics and business metrics to the organization. These metrics are derived from back end ERP systems and the data is imported into Confluence where it is organized and aggregated from all the different sites and divisions and presented in a dashboard to relevant management teams. This replaced a lengthy process of sending around spreadsheets to individuals. This system also employees collaborative corrective action communities for process improvement.
The next case study is a wiki designed for research and development collaboration. This wiki brings together scientists and engineers across the globe to collaborate on new projects and products for a biotech company. It employs a number of plugins, both third party and custom plugins, to provide a rich number of collaborative communities. All research material and research ideas are stored with in the wiki and ideas for new products are submitted, evaluated and voted on then tracked through to the prototype phase of production.
What do you hope to get out of Summit yourself?
I hope to learn how others are using the wiki, some tips for making some of the functions more efficient to implement and also learn how others have integrated this tool into business applications and processes.
Join us at Atlassian Summit 31 May to 2 June, 2009 in San Francisco. Meet other customers, our brilliant sponsors and partners, and Atlassian staff for more than 2 days of case studies, code, and performance tips on the products you use.

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