bepartofsummit.jpgAtlassian Summit is just 73 days away. There are dozens of discussions in this 2-day event. As we run up to the event, we wanted to start highlighting some of the speakers.
This interview is with Amber Taylor of MuleSource. She will be speaking on a lightning talk entitled A Guide to Integrating Crowd into MuleSource. She will be co-presenting this with her colleague, Kevin Depew.
What are your titles and roles within the organization?
Amber Taylor, Sr. Community and Marketing Manager and Kevin Depew, IT Guy
What product(s) will you be presenting at Summit?
Crowd, Confluence, Jira.
How is your team using these tool(s)?
MuleSource is using Crowd to connect numerous Atlassian applications, plus a couple of custom applications to an LDAP repository to enable SSO for all users on our external community website. We’re also using Crowd internally to log into email, our internal Wiki, and more. MuleSource is also using Confluence for documentation across the community site. Finally, we’re using Jira for internal project management and issue tracking, and external (Forge) project tracking.
Please give us a short preview of your presentation.
MuleSource has embarked on a project to significantly enhance and upgrade the web infrastructure for the Mule open source community. The first step is streamlining the site interface to improve information flow and communication between community developers. After a solid project, documentation is key. On top of how information is made available, accessing that information needs to be easy – for this, we are implementing single sign on (SSO) for things across our site (like the Forums, documentation, and email threads).
For this 20-minute presentation, attendees will learn:

  • Why an active community is important
  • Where documentation fits in
  • Tools expected from a community around an open source project
  • Where SSO fits into the mix
  • Difficulties faced when migrating to SSO
  • How MuleSource achieved SSO across the community site using Atlassian’s Crowd

We’re also prepared to briefly touch on how/why we’re using Confluence for documentation and where this fits into the online community presence.
What do you hope to get out of Summit yourself?
At the Summit, I’m hoping to learn what’s on Atlassian’s roadmap (that we can use next to make the site even better!) and what other community managers are doing to help foster community interaction and growth. I’m also looking forward to sharing (griping about) our hurdles in implementing SSO with the Atlassian engineers. Finally, I want to learn how others are enabling search within Confluence and how tracking fits in.
Join us at Atlassian Summit 31 May to 2 June, 2009 in San Francisco. Meet other customers, our brilliant sponsors and partners, and Atlassian staff for more than 2 days of case studies, code, and performance tips on the products you use.

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