As Jeffrey announced yesterday, Atlassian has now opened our European headquarters in Amsterdam!
On a personal side, I’m particularly excited about this because I’ve moved to Amsterdam to help get this office started. Along with Sherali who is heading up EU support, we’ll be hiring people and getting the process started. With canal and tree lined streets, an abundance of flowers, windmills, great sidewalk cafes, friendly and helpful Dutch people – its hard to beat. I also found an incredible local chocolate shop giving all of us quite a sugar rush.
To be nearer our clients. European clients make up over 35% of our overall revenue without ever having a local Atlassian office; now we’re simply more accessible. Interestingly this is a move driven primarily by our clients. We’ll be providing sales and technical support and be able to be more active in local conferences and user groups.
Desk assembly stage….
We’ve got a lot of hiring to do in the next few months… in the meantime we are still at the desk assembly stage. 🙂
Speaking of hiring – we need people! This is an awesome office (located on the Herengracht canal) in an awesome city dealing with great products & clients with people who work hard and have fun. We’ve got quite a few open positions. If you know of anyone who would be interested, we would love to talk with them.
Amsterdam User Group & Open House
Just like last year we’ll be having an Amsterdam User Group in late Nov, however this time – we’ll have people from our local office! And we’re hoping to do an office open house that very day so stay tuned for details. Any Atlassian open house should be a good time so we’d love to meet you there.
See you in Europe!

Atlassian in Europe!...