If you’ve visited www.atlassian.com lately you’ve seen the rainbow. Last week we updated the product sections on our site and:

  • gave each product its own colour. Here’s how the Jira homepage looks now (left) and before:
  • jira_comparison.png

  • stuck in links where you can find them:
  • conf_banner.png
    (In case you were wondering, that’s our president wearing the bear hat. One day that picture surfaced on our intranet dashboard. We had to use it. 😉 )

  • created ‘Learn’ pages to better introduce each product:
  • bamboo_learn.png

  • and lots more, which collectively made up 1,581 file updates. (Many thanks to Zach, our webdev star!)

Here, poke around the site. What do you think? Yea or nay?

Atlassian in technicolour...