This week we officially released the Atlassian Eclipse Connector 1.0 after wrapping up our 2-month beta. Thanks to some great feedback from early adopters, we were able to quickly sort out some installation issues, finish up the remaining features for Fisheye and Crucible, and put on the final polish.
In all, 19 bug fixes and 7 new features were completed during the beta. Thanks to all who participated in the beta!

What is the Atlassian Eclipse Connector?

Thanks to a little help from Tasktop, makers of Eclipse Mylyn, we have created the Atlassian Eclipse Connector which builds upon the existing Jira Mylyn Plugin to add integration with Bamboo, Crucible, and Fisheye.
This means you get a task-focused interface for your Crucible code reviews and your Bamboo continuous integration environment directly in Eclipse IDE, plus quick access to Fisheye for source code insight.
Working in Eclipse has never been easier.. check out some of the cool new features available in the Eclipse Connector 1.0:

Install it for free

The best part about the Atlassian Eclipse Connector is that it’s free!!
Install it now and give it a go:

  1. Open the software updates manager.
    (Go to ‘Help’, ‘Software Updates’, ‘Available Software’.)
  2. Click the ‘Add Site’ button.
  3. Enter update site URL (see below), then click ‘OK’.
  4. Click plus sign next to ‘Atlassian Eclipse Connector’ for components.
  5. Select ‘recommended’ option or choose individual integration options.
  6. Click ‘Install’, then ‘Finish’ when asked to confirm the installation.
    (If prompted, accept license agreement and click ‘Next’.)

Update site URLs:

  • Eclipse 3.3:
  • Eclipse 3.4:

See the detailed instructions on installation and configuration to configure your Jira, Bamboo, Crucible, and Fisheye task repositories in Eclipse.

Help us keep making it better

All of the Atlassian IDE Connectors are free, open-source projects, so even thought the beta is complete, you can still help us continue to improve the integrations.

Atlassian Eclipse Connector 1.0 released...

The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here! The popular Atlassian IDE Connector is finally available for Eclipse.. well almost. Today we are announcing the public beta of the Atlassian Eclipse Connector 1.0 making it even easier to interact with Jira, Crucible and Bamboo right in your favourite IDE.

Introducing Mylyn for code reviews and continuous integration

tasktop-certified_large.pngAnyone using the Mylyn plugin for Jira understands the value of having a task-focused interface for managing your work. What’s really exciting about the new Eclipse Connector is that we have teamed up with our friends at Tasktop in order to provide similar functionality for code reviews in Crucible as well as your Bamboo continuous integration environment.
Combine that with many of the best features we built into the IntelliJ Connector (which we use internally everyday), and the result is a must-have plugin for anyone using Eclipse.
Key new features allow you to:

  • Configure Jira, Bamboo, and Crucible servers as Mylyn task repositories
  • Add queries for issues and reviews to your task list
  • Prioritise and schedule tasks for issues and reviews

bamboo-tasks-IDE.png</formBamboo – Continuous integration

  • Notifications and status at a glance
  • Drill into details without leaving IDE
  • Create tasks from failed builds
  • Re-run tests locally

Crucible – Code reviews

  • Open reviews in rich editor or diff view
  • Navigate related code for greater context
  • Create and response comments in-line

Jira – Issues and bugs

  • See only the relevant code for each issue
  • Create and assign new issues / tasks
  • Open and edit issues while offline
  • Activate tasks to track your time

It’s free and easy

The best part about the Atlassian Eclipse Connector is that it’s FREE! Even the installation is simple, just follow these easy steps:


  1. Go to Update Manager Help > Software Updates
  2. On the Available Software tab click “Add Site…”
  3. Add the following update site URL:
  4. Select all of the features in the Connector category under the Atlassian Eclipse Connector site and press “Install…”

The Eclipse Connector is a free, open-source project supported by Atlassian and Tasktop. You can get the source code from our SVN repository. Check out the documentation for more details.
If you have ideas or issues, please let us know about it in the Jira project for the Atlassian Eclipse Connector.

Check us out at EclipseCon

For anyone attending EclipseCon 2009 in Santa Clara, CA this week, we’ll be there to talk about the Atlassian Eclipse Connector project at the poster session on Wed, March 25th. Mik Kersten and the folks from Tasktop will also be presenting on Mylyn (Wednesday), as well as, leading both tutorials and a BOF (Monday).

Atlassian Eclipse Connector 1.0 – Beta now a...