Sid Probstein, the CTO of Attivio, recently posted a great blog about developing Software at the Speed of Light
Sid leads a clever team that has shipped two big releases in one year without slipping schedule dates. While Sid lists many secrets to his team’s success, one pillar of their productivity is their use of Atlassian tools:

To support the automation goal above, we are very careful about selecting tools that support our goals. You will find the entire Atlassian Software stack – Jira, Bamboo, Clover, Fisheye, etc – in use at Attivio.

Sid get’s so intense about his build metrics that he puts screens up all throughout the office showing up to date build stats. (I wouldn’t want to break one of his builds.) Check out his blog for more insight on how to use Jira for Agile development and Bamboo for Continuous Integration.
What tools does your team use to code at the speed of light?

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