rtrFor every every dollar up to $500,000 donated to Room to Read’s Checkout Challenge, Atlassian will match it. That’s right – Atlassian will turn half a million dollars in donations into a million.

Atlassian’s matching funds will specifically support the creation of school libraries and new books in Cambodia. We’ve been a proud supporter of Room to Read’s projects in Asia since 2009, donating almost $2 million through sales of our $10 starter licenses and impacting the lives of over 80,000 children. In 2011 we decided to focus our efforts on Cambodia in order to have a greater impact in one region, and today we’re Room to Read’s largest corporate donor in that country.

In 2013, Room to Read will publish 1.5 million copies of its original children’s books. These stories and others will fill the shelves of more than 15,000 school libraries, opening up a world of imagination to young readers across Asia and Africa.

Room to Read’s vision is a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute back to their community and the world. The Atlassian Foundation’s vision is to give youth of the world access to a world-class education to break the poverty cycle. To achieve these shared visions, Atlassian and Room to Read focus on two areas to have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education.

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Atlassian Pledges $500,000 to Match Room to Read D...