Thanks again to everyone who joined us in Santa Rosa for AtlasCamp (our three day developer-only conference) this past September. The event was a huge success and I absolutely can’t wait for next year.
For those of you who were there, you might have noticed that we were taping the presentations. If you weren’t able to make it, I hope this footage will show you a little of what went on – and of course convince you to come to AtlasCamp 2009! Sadly – what you miss out on from the videos are the networking, discussions, problem solving and Werewolf playing that also went on.
This first video is my keynote from the event. The video covers where Atlassian is, where we are going, and some insider knowledge of what’s to come. My apologies in advance for the quality – something we’ll definitely work on improving next year – but you can at least hear the audio and read the slides!
Enjoy and keep your eye out for the rest of the presentations here shortly.
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Update! Of course, if you liked the video above – please consider coming to the bigger & better Atlassian Summit from May 31st – June 2nd this year.

AtlasCamp Keynote Video – Finally!...