Hot on the heels of Jira 4.4, one of the biggest releases in Jira history, comes – surprise! Jira 4.4.1. The big news isn’t that the point release is available – what’s most exciting are the new features!

Administration of Shared Filters and Dashboards

With 4.4.1, Jira admins can now manage other users’ shared filters and dashboards. The most common reason this is useful is when a user leaves an organization, but his or her shared filters and dashboards continue to be used by others. Making edits to change and improve these is now easy for any Jira administrator.

Use the new Admin Quick Search (‘g + g’) and start typing!

shared-filter-admin-search.jpgShared Filters and Shared Dashboard administration make it easy to change owners or delete any shared object.


A New Era

Jira 4.4.1 is the start of a new release process to put new features in the hands of Atlassian customers as early as possible. These two features are out of the top 25 feature requests and satisfy a combined total of over 670 votes from customers like you!

Give it a spin

Read the details about these new features and all the other updates and fixes in the Jira 4.4.1 release notes – or just go straight to the download page to upgrade today!

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