Atlassian is happy to announce the release of Jira 3.13!

With this release, we’ve gone back to basics, and took a long look at, a.k.a. JAC, our public Issue Tracker. We picked some of the most popular requested features, and put them into Jira 3.13. Those features include:

Shareable Dashboard (JRA-2509)

Our top vote-getter, with over 430 votes . Jira dashboards can now be shared with your user group, project or all Jira users. Now Jira experts can create dashboards for less technical users. For example, if you use Jira to track your hiring process (as we do!), a Jira expert can create a Dashboard for use by your HR people. Once Dashboards have been shared, users can search for them, and “favourite” them to add them to their Jira home page.

Dashboard pages example.png
dashboard search.png
Single Project Restore (JRA-1604)

Next up, with over 400 votes, the ability to restore a single project . Prior to 3.13, restore was an all or nothing process. Now you can restore a single project from a previous Jira backup into an existing Jira instance. System and custom fields are restored, along with history, links and (optionally) attachments. But some data elements, such as workflows, are not. Please be sure and check the documentation on Project Import for all the details.

Edit Active Workflow (JRA-7661|)

Another popular request, with over 170 votes, is the ability to change an active workflow . Now, instead of making a copy of an active workflow prior to editing, you can edit in place.

Better Filter Sharing (JRA-4139)

Another popular request, with more than 80 votes.! It’s been possible to share filters for some time now, but only with a single group, or everyone. With 3.13, you can share your filters with multiple groups, projects, users, roles, or any combination. And just like the new Dashboards, you can search for and favourite filters.

Filter sharing example.png
Jira Personal Licenses (JRA-10393)

Free (as in beer) Jira! A Jira Personal License will allow you to create a single instance of Jira with three registered users with full access and unlimited anonymous visitors. As with our other Personal Licenses, support is not provided, and the Jira instance must be for personal, non-commercial use. More details and instructions for getting your personal license are on the Jira Personal Licensing page.

And lots more

  • A number of UI improvements, such as the addition of a Progress Bar for some long-running transactions, additional fields on the sub-task creation form, and several convenient new drop-down menus in the header.
  • A new version of the Fisheye plugin, featuring new graph types, is bundled with Jira 3.13.
  • As Jon recently mentioned the new Bamboo plugin (available separately) allows you to integration Jira with Bamboo 2.1, greatly increasing the amount of build information available in Jira.
  • The release of Jira 3.13 has closed over 200 issues on JAC. Take a look at what else we’ve done.

You can grab 3.13 right now in our Download Center, and be sure to review both the Release Notes and, if upgrading from an older version of Jira, the Upgrade Guide.

Announcing Jira 3.13...