UPDATE: Confluence Questions beta is now available for OnDemand. We are also offering a 25% discount on new Confluence Questions beta purchases through December 31. Read the announcement blog post here.

How often do you get asked questions at work via email, chat, or a tap on the shoulder? It happens to me all the time. Everyone needs to learn from their colleagues, but doing so usually means interrupting them, often with a question they’ve already answered for someone else.

Answers are out there.

You just have to ask… and now you can with the beta release of our newest Confluence add-on, Confluence Questions. Confluence Questions is an internal question and answer platform that allows you to learn from the collective knowledge of experts within your organization, then make it available to others, anytime.

Unlike email or forums, Confluence Questions is ideally suited to crowdsource questions from experts across your entire company. Best of all, Confluence Questions is already deeply integrated with your favorite collaboration software.

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Ask questions

When you can’t find the information you need to get work done, it’s easy to ask. Make questions come alive using Confluence’s rich content editor to include images, code snippets, macros, and more. Tag your question with topics to connect with internal experts and make them easy to find later.


Answer and contribute

Share your knowledge by answering questions or validating answers with votes. Not sure of the answer or want a second opinion? Loop in colleagues with “@ mentions” or share the question directly. Link to helpful content already in Confluence like blog posts or Knowledge Base articles. With the power of the crowd, the best answer rises to the top and stays there. Goodbye, repetitive questions.



Learn more with topics

Browse topics to discover more about areas of interest, and watch topics to get notified of new questions and answers via email.



Connect with experts

Find out who is most knowledgeable about any topic with experts leader boards on each topic page. It’s like having a map of your organization’s brain – unlock knowledge you never realized was there.



All your knowledge in one place

Confluence Questions is seamlessly integrated with Confluence so all of your knowledge lives in one place and stays even after contributors leave your organization. Since it is built on top of the Confluence platform, it has all the features you know, love, and expect. Find answers in search results and ask questions directly from the Search results page.



We’re just getting started

Confluence Questions is available in beta today for customers running Confluence 5.3 or above. We hope to have Confluence Questions available for beta testing by OnDemand customers in the next couple of months.

Confluence Questions is currently free while in beta. Pricing details, including early bird pricing for beta customers, will be announced soon.

Try it today

Sign up for the beta at atlassian.com/questions and stay tuned for more!

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