Atlassian is excited to announce the release of Jira 5.0 beta available today! Jira 5.0 aims to make it easier to consume and to develop plugins, and here are five reasons why all Jira admins and developers should get the beta today!

1. Stable APIs!

Making plugins easier to consume and develop means lowering the bar for plugin adoption – making it easier to find, promote, install, and upgrade plugins. Stable APIs make this easier, whether you’re a commercial plugin developer and want more customers, or you’re doing custom development inside your org and want to make rapid improvements to your plugin readily available.

A stable Java API in Jira 5 means that plugins compatible with 5.0 will also run against 5.1, 5.2, and so on, which is great news for customers and developers.

The Java API isn’t the only one with improvements: utilize our expanded REST API to create a fully remote integration, with no need to install anything on Jira itself. REST API changes and improvements include creating new issues, retrieving metadata for new and existing issues, and creating remote issue links (more details below).

We plan to continue to invest in this set of stable APIs to support external developers integrating with our tools, and help you deliver the best possible experience to your end user.


2. Streams on Steroids 

In Jira 5, both Jira streams and the Activity Streams gadget can show external activity that matters to your team. Crucible code reviews and Bamboo builds show up via an Application Link, but we didn’t stop there.

There’s an API for creating entries in activity streams from remote applications. This means your team can see activity from all the tools they use in a single stream, such as helpdesk tickets, CRM updates, test cases or anything imaginable!

3. Remote Issue Links

A simple but powerful way to integrate an application with Jira, Remote Issue Linking lets you link an object in your own external application and display that dynamic link on a Jira issue.
If you have an object in your application that relates to a Jira ticket, you can link that object to a Jira Issue using Remote Issue Links. We highlighted a video of this in our Jira 5 EAP blog a few weeks ago. This is possible thanks to the REST API improvements mentioned above.


4. Search CHANGED Issues

Search Change History has brought Jira’s powerful search to a whole new level. Since its introduction in Jira 4.3 with the ‘WAS’ operator, JQL enhancements have included relative dates (end of week, start of month) and before, after, or during a date range. I often remember who made a change but can’t remember what that change was – so the new CHANGED operator in Jira 5 is going save me tons of time while searching!


The new CHANGED operator can accept inputs:

  • FROM
  • TO
  • ON
  • BY
  • or, nothing – searching for just anything that changed

and can be used on the fields

  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Priority
  • Reporter
  • Resolution
  • Fix Version

– adding up to hundreds of new search possibilities!

5. To stay up to date

Jira 5 brings big changes to the platform, and we want you – the admin, the developer – to stay ahead of the curve. If you download Jira 5 and get started early, your users can take advantage of the awesome new features as soon as they come out, and down the road they’ll be able to upgrade to Jira 5.1 and beyond with ease.

Get it Today

The most important reason to download Jira 5 beta today is to update your plugins!

Use this beta to get a head start on making your existing plugins work with Jira 5. If you journeyed to AtlasCamp and brought your code, great start! But don’t worry if you couldn’t make the trip – we are here to help. Download the beta and start with the Plugin Developer Notes for Jira 5.0.


5 Reasons to get Jira 5 Beta...