Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again. Time to collect your thoughts, noodle on your ideas, cogitate your concepts (I made that up), and submit a talk for Atlassian Summit 2016.

Summit returns to sunny San Jose this year, and from October 11th to the 13th, all the awesome you’ve come to expect will be in full force. Including, of course, speakers… like you.

Have you presented at Summit before? If so, we’d love an encore performance. Submit a talk now so you can return and wow us with another dynamite presentation. (You can even head straightaway to the green button below, if you can’t hold back your enthusiasm one minute longer.) Note: you have until April 30th to get your submissions in.

For those of you who haven’t presented at Summit before, allow us to entice you with…

4 reasons you should submit a talk

1. Become a Summit superstar

atlassian_objects-70 Hanging around backstage, meeting other amazing speakers in the green room, being a celebrity at the Summit Bash? Yep. All true. But getting the love and appreciation from attendees is just the beginning. We’ll also make you *famous* on the Interwebs by sharing your talk (and all talks) with the Atlassian online community.


2. Share your knowledge with others

atlassian_objects-15 Whether you’ve created a great build pipeline, fostered great teamwork, or rolled out our products to the entire organization, we want to hear about it. Share your insights with others, and listen to the stories of fellow attendees that may inspire you and help improve your work. Summit is all about exchanging ideas, sharing your discoveries and best practices, and learning from others.

3. Improve your public speaking skills

atlassian_objects-27 Let’s face it. We all could benefit from more public speaking practice. But this opportunity takes it a step further. For Atlassian Summit, we make sure our speakers get what they need to deliver a great experience for the audience. That’s why we organize speaker trainings, schedule plenty of rehearsals, and provide great tips on creating slides and developing a strong stage presence. There’s no doubt you’ll leave Summit a better speaker, and proud of yourself for taking the plunge!

4. Attend Summit for free

atlassian_objects-63Every breakout session speaker gets a two-day conference ticket to enjoy all the fun: 70+ sessions, 3 keynotes, and of course entry to the legendary Summit Bash. All for free! Plus, you’ll hear our product news first. All this while learning from other experienced Atlassian users and building up your network.

Tips for an awesome submission

To improve your chances to speak at Summit, address these questions:

  • Is it relevant? Provide context about your subject matter, and make sure to describe the problem/issue you’re addressing.
  • Is it unique? Tell us why you think this topic is special.
  • Is it specific? Give concrete examples of the topics you’ll cover.
  • Are there takeaways? Include 2-3 things that attendees will learn.
  • Is your abstract too long? Keep it as concise and to the point as possible.
  • Have speaking experience? Add a URL with a video of you speaking, or record one and send us the link.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to speak at Summit, we look forward to seeing your submission. April 30th will be here faster than we know it, so put your thinking caps on now!

Get started

4 reasons to submit a talk for Atlassian Summit 20...