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At Atlassian, we believe open access to knowledge and information is a fundamental right. We believe it’s crucial to unleashing the potential of every team and to advancing innovation. As a company focused on teamwork with values built on openness, net neutrality is an essential condition for everything we stand for.

This issue is at the heart of the net neutrality debate currently taking place in the United States. Net neutrality is the idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally – with no internet service provider (ISP) having the power to favor one source over another by blocking, throttling, or a means of paid prioritization.

An open internet helps teams everywhere, from doctors in developing communities who need vital medical information to treat patients, to small startups looking to build global businesses, to established Fortune 500 companies providing services to millions of customers. Without a level playing field, certain people will have access to the world of knowledge and opportunity while others won’t. This isn’t fair, and we can’t stand idly by while something so important is at stake.

This makes net neutrality a crucial aspect in helping all of us “play, as a team.”

That’s why we joined other tech companies and signed the Battle for the Net petition, a response to the changes to U.S. regulations proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Regional laws around net neutrality and how they’re interpreted are complex, which makes it even more important to contribute to the conversation.

Join us now and “be the change you seek” by writing to congress here.

Why net neutrality is so important