We are thrilled to welcome Archana Rao as the new CIO of Atlassian!

Archana’s team is responsible for building all the systems and processes used by our business functions and our customers. Archana believes that IT is in an amazing position to be a strategic partner to every function at Atlassianincluding functional business units, HR, finance, and marketing.

“I consciously try to spend 40%-50% of my time engaging with stakeholders. I want to make sure that I’m available and have a seat at the table to talk with these leaders about the challenges they’re facing, and how my team can help solve problems and grow the business,” says Rao.

Archana has deep experience setting systems strategy and partnering with business leaders to build and scale corporate systems. She handled the Veritas IT separation from Symantec, standing up the new organization and structure within a year. Prior to her VP role at Veritas, Archana was a VP at Symantec and also worked in a variety of engineering, IT, and leadership roles at Cisco. In her new role as CIO, Archana manages a large team of engineers, business analysts, and PMs.

As Atlassian continues to grow, we’ll lean on her team to help delight our internal teams and external customers, deliver scalable and secure architecture, and provide actionable data to drive the business. Her first priority is building a strong team, and she’s hiring for several key roles within the organization.

I’m very passionate about talent management. I love helping my team grow their skills and advance to the next level in their career, so I intentionally make space to invest time and energy in people. I’m excited to welcome more people to the team over the next few months.

We’re so happy to welcome you to the TEAM, Archana!

Powering Atlassian: how CIO Archana Rao partners with every function in our business