As the world changes, teams must adapt and continuously improve. Over the last few years, we’ve been working to expand our events to help all teams, regardless of size or industry, unleash their full potential. And in order to create the best experiences for our global customers, we’ve evolved our events to go beyond product sessions – sharing best practices in teamwork, working openly, work-life balance, and more.

As we continue to evolve our event experiences, we’re excited to share exciting changes to come for the rest of 2020 and into 2021 to our Atlassian event portfolio.

Team 2021

Team 2021 is our reimagined user conference formerly known as Summit, now intended for all teams and those seeking product knowledge or insights on the future of work.

Team 2021 will be the ultimate digital experience for developers, creators, innovators, and leaders. We’re creating a special space for teams of every industry to come together and explore the intersectionality of teamwork, humanity, and tech. You’ll learn new ways to unleash your team’s full potential and share new ideas to build the future of work. Think of this as inviting new members in to an event you have all grown to love.

Team 2021 is all about:

  • Connecting with your community: Expand your circle, share new ideas, and find fellow innovators to collaborate with.
  • Exploring trends with the experts: Hear from global thought leaders and how industry influencers are using Atlassian to change the future of teamwork.
  • Reimagining your workflow: Learn about the latest tools and practices made for effective remote and in-person teams at scale.
  • Leveling up your teams: Build stronger remote teams, improve communication and team empathy, and ensure your virtual teams can thrive.
  • Delivering results: Explore expert tips you can use to improve your wellbeing at work and outside of it, whether you’re WFH or meeting IRL.
  • Experiencing a global event: Experience Atlassian’s first digital event of this scale and virtually connect with attendees across the globe.

As we continue to build our newest flagship event, be sure to stay tuned for more details about speakers, sessions, and much more. Sign up for more info.

Atlassian Team Tour

Formerly known as Open, Team Tour is where you can connect with other Atlassian super fans in your own region on focused topics. These smaller, more intimate events will bring local community members together to share inspirational stories, practical tips and tricks, and tackle similar modern teamwork challenges together. Registration is free and open now, so be sure to sign up today.

We’re diving into these focused topics for our latest digital Team Tour:

  • The power of agile: The ability to pivot in a rapidly changing market, accelerate business decisions, and respond to customer demands is a key competitive advantage. This track will explore unlocking the power of agile with Jira Software, the #1 tool for teams that empowers continuous innovation by helping plan, track, and release world-class software.
  • All teams run on Atlassian: Hear how companies, in the face of global uncertainty, can adopt agility, flexibility, and alignment, not only in development teams, but across their entire organization, with Atlassian. Customers like Carnegie Science will share how to unleash the potential of every team with Trello, Confluence, and our newest product innovations.
  • Enterprise success with Atlassian: Successful enterprises focus on their teams. Learn how Atlassian’s enterprise solutions address your teams’ demands as they aim to deliver innovation at scale.
  • ITSM for high-velocity teams: IT is in the midst of rapid transformation, but old ways of working constrain progress. Learn about an exciting update to Atlassian’s ITSM solution that empower teams from operations, development and beyond to deliver great service at scale.
  • Cloud migration: In today’s world, a move to the cloud is critical so customers can build for the future and deliver more value to their customers, fast. In this track, we’ll cover more information on Atlassian’s cloud products, migration best practices, and how to get started on your cloud journey.

Atlassian Team Talks

Team Talks are a new addition to the event line-up. They’re special, invite-only events and pop-up experiences. We’re excited to share more information about Team Talks in the future!

Ever since we held our first conference and major event in 2008, we’ve always been committed to creating the best experience for our customers. We’re excited to continue building the kind of events you want to attend based on your feedback, and create spaces for collaborative innovation. We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. Be sure to sign up for our event communications to receive the latest updates.

Introducing Team 2021, our new event series