Throughout history, humankind has had some legendary accomplishments. Behind every big win – from landing on the moon to mapping the human genome to developing a life-saving vaccine in an unprecedented timetable – there’s always a team dedicating countless hours to push an idea to a groundbreaking reality.

At Atlassian, we’re obsessed with understanding how teams work. We design products that unleash teams’ potential by helping them work differently, together.

Our leading work management products – Trello, Confluence, Jira Work Management, and Atlas – enable every team to choose the best tool for their needs and work differently. But delivering amazing products on their own isn’t enough. They must connect with one another and all the other apps that teams use to get work done, to bring the teams together.

To help drive cross-team collaboration, our products are built on the Atlassian platform, which serves as the common foundation for identity, data, teams, and workflows across an organization. Our platform is open by design, giving teams the freedom to integrate easily with their favorite tools and stay aligned with universally accessible project context, status, and processes.

When teams are firing on all cylinders, they accomplish things that are impossible to do alone. Take Kiva, for instance. They connect lenders with entrepreneurs in remote areas to create a more financially inclusive world. Atlassian is proud to be the team behind the Kiva team.

Atlassian Presents: Work Life

Today, we’re hosting our inaugural work management event – Atlassian Presents: Work Life. Our Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Mike Cannon-Brookes, will reveal more about how we’re bringing the vision of working differently, together, to life both at Atlassian and for our customers.

At the event, we’re announcing a new work management offering and several new product capabilities. Let’s dive into some of those updates, starting with the introduction of Smart Links.

Smart Links is a new capability built on the Atlassian platform that helps users access information across Atlassian and third-party apps. Team members can find and insert content, create and edit work items across products, and access key information from all their tools without leaving their current tab.

Regardless of where work happens – whether it’s in Confluence, Google Docs, Figma, or Trello – Smart Links makes that work easy to search, edit, and see across applications. Smart Links extends the visibility of information beyond the walls of apps and teams, making it easier for teams to collaborate and track progress.

Smart Links is available today with Atlassian Cloud products, bringing information across all of our work management tools – and third-party applications.

smart links gif

Unified admin controls across tools

When thinking about teams, we must consider who manages the team’s tools. We’re unifying the administration experience and eliminating redundant steps, resulting in simplified day-to-day management. Some of the benefits for administrators include:

  • Integrated user and access management across Atlassian Cloud products.
  • Minimized tool sprawl, giving users a streamlined process for audits, compliance, and security reviews.
  • Fewer onboarding and licensing requests due to a diverse product suite that provides teams with more capabilities.

“Atlassian’s stack in the cloud helped us streamline our project management and documentation.”

Joe Cruz, IT Director, The Wharton School

Introducing Atlassian Together

To make it easy for customers to benefit from the power of all Atlassian’s work management products, today we’re announcing Atlassian Together. Atlassian Together is a single subscription to our work management products – Trello, Confluence, Atlas, and Jira Work Management. It also includes Access, an enterprise-grade identity and access management solution that connects Atlassian products to third-party identity providers.

We’ve priced Atlassian Together at only $11 per user for the enterprise license for over 5,000 users. It’s an incredible value that prices our entire bundle lower than most competitors charge for a single product!

Over 150,000 organizations throughout the world use Atlassian’s work management products today. The new subscription provides organizations with a complete Atlassian toolset that helps teams choose the best tool for the job while ensuring alignment across the organization.

With Atlassian Together, our philosophy of work differently, together becomes a reality. For instance, a creative team managing a two-week sprint cycle can work within Trello while the broader marketing team analyzes quarterly demand gen efforts in Jira Work Management, aligns cross-functional stakeholders in Atlas, and delivers curated content for sales in Confluence, all while seamlessly integrating with the team’s preferred third-party apps. The team’s progress is shared across products while the actual work lives in the app that best aligns with how a team likes to work day-to-day.

The result is unprecedented levels of harmony and productivity as teams collaborate on their own terms.

Atlas is coming out of beta!

Finally, we’re beyond excited to announce that Atlas will be hitting its GA milestone next month.

Atlas is a teamwork directory customized to help teams communicate the context and progress of their work with other teams. Since its introduction, customers in the early access program have benefited from loads of new features and improvements, including:

  • Richer integrations – the free Atlas for Jira Cloud app, for example, makes it easy to link and sync Jira epics and Atlas projects. Once connected, team members can see the current status and most recent updates to linked Atlas projects right inside Jira.
  • Tighter controls – Atlas now supports private projects so that users can restrict the viewing and editing of a project to specific individuals and teams.
  • More flexible reporting – the updated projects and goals directories make it easy to produce roll-up reports with quick filters for status, contributor, tag, team, owner, and reporting line.
  • Practice OKRs – ideal for teams that use Objectives and Key Results, goal scoring will allow users to assign a projected score based on how confident they are that the team will meet a goal by the target date.
  • Recognize great work giving kudos is a simple, fun, and personal way to thank peers who go above and beyond.
screenshot of Atlas

Better teamwork awaits

We have a clear vision, strategy, and product portfolio to help teams work differently, together. Check out on-demand content from today’s event to learn how Atlassian can help you unleash the power of your team.

Introducing new work management capabilities at Atlassian Presents: Work Life