Do you feel like you’re always building your plane as it’s flying? You’re working fast, innovating, and swapping parts as you go to get there quicker. It might seem daunting, but you’ll get there with the right engineers and mechanics on board, the tools in their tool belts, and the best blueprints.

With Advisory Services and our Solution Partners, Atlassian becomes a vital part of your flight crew.

Introducing two new expert-led, outcome-focused Advisory Services from Atlassian to strengthen our ongoing partnership with your teams and Solution Partners, planning and supporting your journey so you can confidently move forward and get s#it done.

First, you’ll have a team of Atlassians flying with you the whole way through an annual subscription that is right-sized for your organization, offering progressive levels of services and engagement that fit your needs, marrying vision and operational excellence. Your Atlassian team is headed up by a Strategic Engagement Manager, your air traffic control tower, who will:

  • develop, together with you and your Solution Partners, a strategic plan to meet your goals
  • provide an exclusive line into Atlassian product managers and resources
  • connect you with the right strategic and technical specialists for every initiative
  • ensure you safely and confidently make it to your destination – achieving it all through the effective use of your Atlassian portfolio.

Through your Advisory Services subscription, you’ll tap into Atlassian’s 20 years of experience with over 250,000 customers to inform your operational and cloud transformation journey. The flexibility of the subscription meets you wherever you are in your journey with your tools, systems, rituals, and rhythms. You’ll unlock migration analyses, best practices based on Atlassian ways of working and industry learnings, solution design, implementation support, tooling and demonstrations, training pathways, and so much more.

As you optimize different parts of your plane and flight path, you’ll also have access to an ever-expanding catalog of domain-focused services designed to drill deep into your opportunities and challenges. The catalog provides a menu of curated engagements so you can choose the most crucial team practices to focus on based on your strategic plan through:

  • Cross-team agility
  • Agile at Scale
  • Developer Productivity optimization
  • Service Management modernization

Our catalog services are as productive as they are dynamic: your team will come out of these sessions with clear, actionable steps to enhance performance. You’ll boldly move into the next leg of your journey with focus and direction.

You’ll be in good hands when you fly with Atlassian Advisory Services. Whether you choose a subscription plan, catalog services, or both, we’ll be with you from take-off to landing, providing insights crucial to executing flight plans with minimal layovers that maximize utilization, enabling your teams to reach their destinations on time – so your organization thrives.

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