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Atlassian Ventures is committed to funding companies that offer cloud apps in the Atlassian Marketplace – a rich ecosystem that extends Atlassian’s core products to satisfy critical use cases for our customers. Since the 2021 launch of Forge, our next-generation cloud app development platform, developers have built more than 5,600 unique apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

This ecosystem is a valuable place to build a business with immediate access to nearly 250,000 paying cloud customers who collectively add 28,000 apps to their Atlassian products each week. 70% of Jira and Confluence Cloud customers have at least one app installed. The result is one of the largest and most successful software marketplaces, with over $2 billion in lifetime sales (not to mention $1.5 billion in developer payouts).

As our Marketplace grows, Atlassian Ventures will continue to back founders building apps that delight customers. Since our inception two years ago, Atlassian Ventures has invested over $150M in nearly 50 companies, many of whom are building businesses on our Marketplace.

Presenting the Atlassian Ventures investment agreement

Many of the Marketplace developers we support are early-stage companies, often with first-time founders. Part of our value proposition as an investor is to streamline the process of raising capital so founders can spend more time building their businesses. This is why we’re publicly releasing our convertible note, which is our standard vehicle for Marketplace investments.

Much like our public-facing investment agreement (which we use when we co-invest in priced rounds), our convertible note offers market-competitive terms including a $5 million valuation cap, 20% conversion discount and 6% annual interest. It also contains fair terms that are consistent across our portfolio from the earliest startups to pre-IPO companies. These include information and pro-rata rights, public relations and branding guidance, and a notice of sale – see the specifics in the full agreement here.

The convertible note is one example of the many services Atlassian Ventures offers to help founders holistically grow their businesses. Other ways we support early-stage companies include:

  • Access to Atlassian subject matter experts
  • Fireside chats on topics like product-led growth and pricing and packaging
  • Perks such as discounts with key partners like AWS and HubSpot

We are committed to your success as a founder and to driving innovation for our cloud customers through our Marketplace. By publishing our convertible note, we hope to simplify the fundraising process so that founders can get back to what they do best: building great products.

Join us! Learn more about Atlassian Ventures and apply for funding on our website.

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Presenting the Atlassian Ventures convertible note