64% of Atlassian customers identify as DevOps adopters, yet many organizations aren’t sure where to start. A quick look at Google Trends shows that the frequency of people searching for DevOps continues to grow.


This could be interpreted as an indication of value and interest, or of confusion — or both. We believe it’s both, which means there’s room for the DevOps and vendor communities to collaborate further. That’s why Atlassian is joining DevOps Express, a solution-oriented approach designed to make it easier and more flexible for enterprises to adopt DevOps. We believe that helping people and teams build and run great software and services is a mission the entire industry can get behind.

DevOps Express aims to provide a framework for industry partners to deliver reference architectures and best practices that are better integrated and supported that any individual member could deliver alone.

Helping Dev & IT work together

Everyone talks about how software is eating the world, but not enough is said about how this change impacts the people and teams that build and run software and services. The always-on, cloud-first world places great demands on Dev and IT professionals and the industry needs to do more to support these teams. We think DevOps Express is an opportunity to talk about what’s really going on behind the scenes of the making of great software and the delivery of great services. As a company that champions collaboration and transparency, it’s in this spirit that we join the other participants of DevOps Express to better connect people, teams, and the tools that facilitate the incredible things software and IT teams are bringing to the world.

Transparency FTW

Executed well, DevOps is transformative. Executed poorly, DevOps kills. The difference between success and the wheels falling off is how well your people, teams, culture, and tools come together. At Atlassian, we’ve tested this collaboration many times. Earlier this year in one of our first Confluence Cloud releases, we broke our users’ ability to edit pages. We had to respond, and fast, while keeping our customers’ best interests in mind. Read about our experience in this article, “Ohhhhh $#!τ. We broke Confluence.”  What we find time and time again is that transparency is a core part of the increased trust that emerges when DevOps is functioning well.

We’re proud to announce our cooperation with vendors from across the ecosystem to empower teams of all sizes. Atlassian has 25 integrations in-market with the founding members of DevOps Express and a few more are in the pipeline. This collaboration will help DevOps adoption through integrated solutions, support and best practices.

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