Back in May, Atlassian hosted AtlasCamp 2016 in the beautiful city of Barcelona. It was our biggest and best developer conference yet, with over 500 developers and vendors from Europe and beyond in attendance. This year’s event featured two packed developer tracks, certification, and marketing training, Expert Partner and an AUG leader day, a women-in-tech meet-up, and a ShipIt Live! competition.

ShipIt is a quarterly hackathon that is one of Atlassian’s oldest traditions. ShipIt embodies Atlassian’s culture of innovation and puts weight behind a sacred company value: “Be the change you seek.” During ShipIt, Atlassians are invited to foster their creativity and work on whatever they want – developing a dream feature, tackling a nemesis bug, you name it. At the end of the competition, Atlassians present their projects for the chance to win a coveted prize — eternal bragging rights in front their coworkers.

We know we aren’t the only ones with cool hacks and innovative ideas, so this year we decided to hold a ShipIt competition at AtlasCamp to show off the insane talent of our ecosystem vendors that build add-ons to extend the capabilities of Atlassian products. This year’s ShipIt Live! included add-ons from TopDox, Whispir, Adaptavist, RefinedWiki,, TestFairy, and one Atlassian team (we couldn’t help it!) Here are the great add-ons they came up with:

TopDox: cloud documents in Hipchat

TopDox for Hipchat lets you access, read andtd share documents inside Hipchat. You can easily connect your favorite cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box) and use multiple accounts. This add-on makes it incredibly easy to read your Microsoft Office, Google Docs and OpenOffice documents without leaving the Hipchat app. Here’s a cool feature: you can even edit Microsoft Word documents while chatting. This Hipchat add-on has a 4/4 star rating in the Atlassian Marketplace and is the winner of the 2016 AtlasCamp’s ShipIt Showcase! Check it out.

Lateral: automating knowledge discovery – coming soon!


The Lateral add-on for Confluence provides intelligent recommendations of relevant content at the click of a button based on the text content of a page in Confluence or a conversation in Hipchat. Recommendations can come from internal sources such as Confluence pages or external sources such as documentation, news, or research. The process is completely automated and requires neither keywords nor tagging of documents. This add-on hasn’t been released in the Atlassian Marketplace yet, but you can sign up to keep up to date on the upcoming release date and more product information. Sign up.

TestFairy: mobile beta testing

TFHave you ever tried to reproduce a reported bug and couldn’t? With TestFairy, you can see a video capture of the device screen and see exactly what the testers did before the app crashed. At AtlasCamp 2016, TestFairy announced its compatibility with Atlassian products and produced some seriously helpful features. You can post crash feedback directly back to Jira Software, get testers’ feedback sent to your Hipchat rooms, and more! Check it out.


RefinedTheme for Confluence Cloud – coming soon!
Refine theme

Apply your Company branding to Confluence Cloud in no time. With RefinedWiki’s powerful theme editor, anyone can create a good looking theme in minutes. This add-on is currently being built for the public and will be put in the Marketplace soon!

ScriptRunner for Confluence

SRMake Confluence more dynamic by embedding external content and/or data in your pages, posts or comments. Any REST API source can be used – Atlassian tools such as Jira or Bitbucket to Salesforce, Xero or Google Sheets. One of ScriptRunner’s most powerful features is its ability to schedule and conditionally perform actions. So you can automatically look for pages that haven’t been updated recently and add a ‘requires review’ label. Check it out.

Whispir – coming soon!

WIf Hipchat is your team’s operating system then Whispir is what turns it into a complete customer engagement command center. Now, if an urgent notification comes in from say, HostedGraphite, your support lead could send an SMS to impacted customers directly from Hipchat with just one click. Customer feedback then pipes back into Hipchat to keep the team all on the same page.

Atlassian: Better Retros – coming soon!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.32.25 PMBetter Retros is an add-on created by an Atlassian team that enables you to run your next retrospective with perspective so you can spend less time getting ready and more time getting better. Anyone can jump from anywhere in to contribute, and every contributor can give feedback on what went well and what didn’t. One of its coolest features are the best-practice columns and workflows that are set up for you when you begin your retro. Better Retros placed second in the ShipIt Showcase competition and will be coming to the Marketplace in the near future.

For even more ShipIt Live!, watch the whole presentation below.

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