We know a normal workday can be chaotic and it’s hard to get by without multitasking. But don’t be daunted by your ever-growing to-do list! We’ve chosen some of the latest add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace to help you control the chaos of your workday and focus on getting things done.

Simplify your team’s automation with automation rules

It always seems that things catch on fire when we least expect them to. So the next time things get hot and your team has a serious incident, use Automation for Jira Cloud to restore order. This add-on makes it incredibly simple to combine triggers, conditions, and actions to set up powerful automation rules to handle even the most complex scenarios. You are provided with simple building blocks (i.e. add watcher, assign issue, create sub-task, etc.) that you can combine in a lot of powerful ways (think monthly recurring tasks, send SMS for high priority issues, etc.) to create helpful rules for you and your team. Try it for free.


Standup updates in Hipchat

Use Hipchat with Jell to make standups work for your team. The Jell add-on for Hipchat makes it easy to transition from inefficient email threads and micromanaging to productivity that produces results. Log into Jell and answer the three core questions of any stand-up: What did you accomplish yesterday? What are you planning to do today? What challenges stand in your way? When you post your status, Jell helpfully distributes this information to your designated Hipchat room and to your teammates. Everyone stays in sync and updated on progress – all while removing meetings from calendars and emails from inboxes. It’s a great way of following up on tasks (without hassling anyone). Try this free add-on for your next standup.


View all of your Jira and Confluence tasks in one macro

Clicking around and moving between Jira and Confluence to find your assigned tasks is a thing of the past. The TaskONE for Confluence add-on collects all of the tasks assigned to you from Jira as well as Confluence and presents them to you on your personalized “Dashboard”. Your dashboard can be as configured as you need it to be – add Jira JQL to further specify your tasks, choose the Confluence space you want to add to, or filter by user so you can see what your colleagues are working on. With all your responsibilities organized in one place, you can strategically choose what to do next instead of flying by the seat of your pants. Check those tasks off your to-do list.


These are only a few of the thousands of add-ons available within the Atlassian Marketplace. Add-ons are designed to increase your creativity and productivity by allowing you to customize and enhance your Atlassian applications. Additional information and other add-ons can be found in the Atlassian Marketplace. Looking to build your own add-on? Check out our developer site to see how.

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