Tens of thousands of companies now use Workplace by Facebook to share work, ideas, and projects. That’s why we’re excited to bring Atlassian to Workplace by Facebook, starting with Jira Cloud, which is the first launch in the pipeline of additionally planned integrations. With Jira Cloud for Workplace, teams using Workplace and Jira will enjoy greater visibility and transparency into their work, whenever and wherever that work is happening. Now with Jira Cloud for Workplace, bringing Jira into the discussions going on around your business has never been easier.

Give your team better visibility

Easy access to the details of any work item is vital to every member of the team, regardless of where conversations about that work may be taking place. Discussions among separate stakeholders often lead to the creation of Jira issues that need to be tracked and easily shareable. With the Jira Cloud integration for Workplace, you can now surface a live view of your Jira issues with important information such as the current status and assignee – just by dropping a link to your Jira ticket in the comments. Jira Cloud for Workplace reveals these insights within Workplace, so your team doesn’t need to jump into a second application to get the whole picture.

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Know where important issues are being discussed

Jira Cloud’s Workplace integration not only gives you and your teammates more context within Workplace by Facebook but also within Jira. With the integration installed, team members can see the discussion details in Jira around all the issues that matter to them, such as who shared the issue, what was said, and where it was shared in Workplace. This is especially valuable for tracking bugs and high-visibility features. It also not only helps teams view discussions surrounding a particular issue with richer context, but also helps them prioritize and execute work effectively.

Shares in groups from Jira

Uphold privacy and permissions

Discussions in your private Workplace groups stay private. If you mention or share a sensitive issue with your team via a private group, the activity on that Jira ticket will only be shown to members of that group. Similarly, issue information will only be displayed in Workplace to users who have access to that issue in Jira. So your team can share issues—and accompanying commentary—freely, knowing that their privacy will be respected correctly in both Jira and Workplace by Facebook.

Upholding Privacy

Install Jira Cloud for Workplace Today

If your team is using Workplace, take advantage of the Jira Cloud integration to seamlessly include work from Jira into the conversations happening around your business. Stay tuned for more Workplace integrations that are planned for the coming months.

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