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Confluence Mobile is a mobile optimized web view of your Confluence instance, built specifically to allow anyone to access and contribute to all of the most important work happening in Confluence from their iOS and Android devices. You don’t need to install anything, just visit Confluence from your mobile browser and log in.

Confluence Mobile is jam packed with awesome Confluence features that keep you up-to-speed with your team and get your job done wherever you are. Here are five features we think you’ll love.

1. See what’s Popular on the Dashboard

The Confluence Dashboard is mission control for staying updated about your team’s activity. It’s easy to see what’s trending – content with the most comments and likes – in Confluence by visiting the Popular stream. You can also check out the most recently published blog posts and stay connected with the activity of your Network. Keeping your fingers on the pulse of your team, regardless of where you are, could not be any easier.


2. Contribute on-the-go with Comments and Likes

Providing feedback on any page, blog or comment is just a few taps away. Using comments and likes in Confluence allows you to have meaningful conversations, provide feedback, and reach decisions faster, without the need for meetings. With Confluence mobile you can expedite the feedback loop, keeping conversations moving by contributing as quickly as possible, no matter where you are.

3. Find co-workers and content with Quick Search

Access any page, blog post, or person wherever you are. Finding an agenda before a meeting, details for a product launch, or looking up a recent company announcement is at your fingertips.

Start typing and Confluence will dynamically recommend people, pages, and blog posts that match your search query. One of the best parts of using search on your phone is the ability to look up user profiles, it’s like having  a company directory in your pocket. It’s perfect for when you’re running late in the morning and need to call and let your boss know 🙂

4. Stay on-top of important work with Notifications

The combination of Confluence Notifications and Mobile allows you to stay updated on your most important work without getting bogged down in email. View and take action on the following notifications:

  • @mentions
  • Shares
  • Comments and Likes
  • Assigned Tasks

If you’re too busy to respond to a notification on your phone, you can add it to your personal task list to tackle it later. Confluence notifications on your phone enable you to stay productive from anywhere.

5. Stay organized and on-track with Tasks

Last week we discussed how Confluence makes you and your team more productive with Tasks. Confluence Mobile enables you to take all of your tasks with you wherever you go.

Create new personal tasks on-the-go so you don’t forget about them later. Add notes to your tasks so you have the context you need to hit the ground running later. Mark tasks complete and move on to the next task on your list. Managing the work you need to get done from your mobile phone empowers you to stay productive anytime.

Start using Confluence Mobile today

Just visit your Confluence instance from your iOS or Android device – there’s nothing to install. Yes, it’s that easy.

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Five Things to Try in Confluence Mobile