With Christmas in July fast approaching we’ve got an early present for all you Confluence admins out there. You might have missed it amongst all the post-Summit hype about all the killer new features coming in Confluence 4.3 – including Confluence mobile, tasks, and in-app notifications – but with more than 100 of your votes on our public issue-tracker we thought you’d definitely want to know about this. Available today in Confluence 4.2.6, we’ve added a feature you’ve been asking for. Yes you, our customers (smile)

You Asked. We Delivered.

Confluence Administrator’s now have complete control over the default permissions applied to newly created spaces. When you upgrade to Confluence 4.2.6 you’ll find a new menu item under the Users & Security section of the Confluence Admin console – you guessed it, Default Space Permissions. Makes sense, right? (wink)

A small improvement? Yes, but one that’s going to take the headache out of managing large Confluence deployments.

Oh, One More Thing

I couldn’t end a Christmas in July post without a little stocking stuffer now could I? While we’ve taken the pain out of managing permissions for new Spaces, we’ve also removed some of the mental hurdles users faced when creating a new Space. Meet the new, faster, simpler, and sleeker Create Space experience…

Some Tidbits on Permissions

If a user chooses to make the new space private, it will be visible only to the user who created it. Otherwise the default space permissions, as set by the Confluence Administrator, will be applied.

More Surprises On the Way

You’ve seen a glimpse of what’s to come in our next major release, but believe me, there’s so much more. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as Ryan, Terrence and I share more improvements and new features you’ve been asking for, coming your way in Confluence 4.3.

An Early Present for Admins – Set Default Permis...