Kanban is an agile development methodology that aims to assist you in visualising the workflow, limiting the work in progress and measuring lead time for your projects (Kanban vs Scrum – Henrik Kniberg, 3rd April 2009).
GreenHopper’s virtual index cards and task board allow you to visualise your work and seamlessly interact with it using drag-and-drop simplicity to move tasks between predefined stages. Kanban’s important concept of limits is supported through GreenHopper’s Task Board column constraints, enabling you to limit the amount of work that can be allocated to any stage in your workflow e.g. your ‘queue’ or your ‘work in progress’. When a column exceeds its allocated constraints, the entire column will be highlighted to notify the team.
Read more about Adding Constraints to your Task Board Columns (Kanban).

Add Kanban support to Jira with GreenHopper