The top secrets to success for Project Administration in Jira Server

Join us as we cover the need-to-know topics that will help prepare you for the Project Administration in Jira Server Certification.

The Project Administration for Jira Server Certification bundle, which includes a training course with the exam, takes only 60 days or less to complete and become Atlassian Certified. Whether you’re a Jira Software Server power user looking to expand your skillset or someone who wants to quickly build a foundation for Jira project administration, this certification is for you.Join this webinar to learn more about the course, as we review the topics that come up most frequently in Jira administration, such as why a field is not visible on a screen, why roles are better than groups, the 6 tasks which Project Administrators can do which regular users cannot, and more.


Joanna Thurmann headshot

Joanna Thurmann

Atlassian Principal Certification Developer

Joanna has been a part of the larger Atlassian community since 2005; first as a Jira system administrator, then as a consultant, and finally as a trainer and instructional designer. In 2020, Joanna joined Atlassian as a Principal Certification Developer. Her work in tech is balanced with volunteer time spent on various charity, social justice, and advocacy projects. Her passion is teaching others about nonviolence and training peace ambassadors.