The Connected Enterprise on Cloud

Watch our webinar panel featuring guest speaker Tracy Woo, Senior Analyst at Forrester. She will be speaking about cloud trends and the value of cloud alongside customer panelists from Clearwater Analytics and Sun Life. These panelists will discuss the positive impact of migrating their self-managed versions of Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management to the Atlassian Cloud. This migration has resulted in more connected teams, technology, and data across their organizations.

Learn from Atlassian customers Erica Larson, Process Engineer from Clearwater Analytics, and Cynthia Brind'Amour, Technical Product Owner from Sun Life, as they discuss their migrations to the Cloud and how they have benefited from new cloud capabilities that have facilitated improved connectivity and collaboration across the enterprise.

Together, they’ll discuss:

  • Why they made the business case for a cloud migration
  • How they managed the change across the organization
  • Which new features and functionality they’ve found to be most impactful in improving the connection between teams
  • What the impact has been to date

After this discussion, attendees asked their top questions and had them answered by the panelists during the open Q&A session.


Tracy Woo

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Tracy leads Forrester’s research initiatives in cloud management, high-performance computing (HPC), and industry-specific cloud solutions. Her areas of specialization include cloud cost management, cloud skills, the establishment of a cloud center of excellence (CCoE), and public cloud pricing structures. Tracy consistently provides strategic advice to Forrester’s enterprise and vendor clientele, helping them navigate cloud cost dynamics and structure effective cloud-centric organizations. Throughout her tenure at Forrester, Tracy's insights have been recognized and featured in prominent media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Tech Target.

Erica Larson

Process Engineer, Clearwater Analytics

Erica has over five years of experience working with Atlassian server, Data Center, and cloud products across two different companies. She has worked in multiple departments, ensuring that teams take full advantage of these cloud offerings. In 2022, she spearheaded Clearwater Analytics' transition from Data Center to the Atlassian Cloud. Erica's extensive hands-on experience covers a wide array of tasks related to Atlassian Cloud Migration. Notably, she led migrations of tools like Bitbucket, Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence for a significant number of Clearwater teams. Additionally, she built a total cost of ownership analysis for transitioning Atlassian tools and played a key role in realizing organizational improvements based on employee feedback, which drove increased connection across the organization and business outcomes.

Cynthia Brind’Amour

Technical Product Owner for Confluence Cloud, Sun Life

Cynthia 在 Sun Life 的任期长达 23 年,其中超过 12 年担任知识管理方面的职位,主要作为知识管理顾问和 Confluence 的首席协调员领导大型知识管理计划。在这个职位上,她负责使用 Confluence 设计知识管理 (KM) 解决方案,针对不同的员工提供合适的知识。该款 KM 工具成为 Sun Life 许多领域的基础模块。在目前担任 PO 期间,她继续使用 Confluence Cloud,帮助团队建立强大的分类法、可靠的站点导航,并为团队提供具有积极用户体验的线框图。她还举办 Lunch and Learns 活动,展示 Confluence 的所有功能,让团队能够更高效地开展协作并创建内容。她拥有协调、课程设计、流程工程、程序/技术写作、网络编程和人员管理等方面的背景。她在 Confluence Cloud 和 Data Center 工作了超过 14 年,仍然对自己使用的工具及其如何为当今团队提供支持充满热情。