Project management features for all teams

Built for every team, Jira is how modern organizations take work from to-do to done.

List view feature in Jira showing a task for the marketing team

Where devs, marketers, and every team in between get work done


Align teams, resources, and deliverables to ensure the project hits deadlines and maps to company goals from the start.

Timeline view in Dark Mode in Jira

Work becomes a lot more visible when it's all in one place. It makes collaboration a whole lot easier.

Jeff Lai

Internal Infrastructure, Canva

Start your next project off right


Structure and align goals across teams, break work down into manageable tasks, and know who’s working on what.

List view in Jira

List view

Swap out the spreadsheets. Organize work into a single list view and update, sort, and prioritize on the fly with in-line editing.

Calendar view in Jira


Use Jira’s calendar view to easily visualize work over time and teams to hit every deadline, together.

Backlog view in Jira

Sprints & backlog

Agile teams can utilize Jira’s backlog to prioritize all their work, and tackle a subset of the work in their next sprint.

Timeline view in Jira


See how all work rolls up to the big picture. Understand timing, duration, and dependencies in a single project or across multiple.

Manage the big picture down to every detail


Now that work is underway, use Jira to understand the major moving pieces and quickly drill down to the tiniest of details.

Board view in Jira

Project boards

Track the status of everyone's tasks at each stage of the workflow. Understand how work is distributed across the team, what’s still in progress, and what to tackle next.

Task details in Jira

Task management

Tasks in Jira house the information you need to understand real-time work status, such as development activity and related issue progress. Integrate data from popular apps.

Timeline view in Jira with dependencies

Dependency management

Jira shows you the order in which work needs to get done so you can spot bottlenecks before they become a blocker.

Project goals in Summary view in Jira

Goal tracking

Understand how work is mapping to company goals over time in the summary view. Easily share progress with stakeholders.

Connect, collaborate, celebrate

Collaborate and launch

Jira better connects teams and work for more seamless collaboration and faster alignment.

Shared release date module in Jira

Shared release dates

The only place where teams who make your product are connected to teams who launch it. When dates change, every team is in the know.

Slack and Jira integration

Slack, Figma, <your favorite app>

Bring in real-time data and information from popular 3rd party apps like Slack, Figma, and GitHub, so Jira becomes your team’s trusted source for information.

Workflow trigger setup screen in Jira

Workflows and automation

Save time and scale your work confidently with no-code automation and workflows, like approvals, that keeps work moving forward when no one is watching.

Results, not roadblocks


Out-of-the-box reports, real-time dashboards, and contextual insights make data-driven decisions your team’s new normal.

Team capacity planning in Jira

As you plan your work

Get a real-time view into the team’s workload and balance the work to keep plans on track.

Sprint progress contextual insight on the Jira board

During your project

Stay on target to meet your goals with contextual insights right in the board view. Raise any blockers and troubleshoot concerns.

Deployment insights

When you launch

Create custom views to track tasks that support your go-to-market strategy, and optimize your delivery pipeline with deployment frequency and cycle time insights.

Jira dashboard showing progress to goal

Bring it all together with dashboards

Track the metrics that matter most to your team. With dozens of built-in gadgets, easily customize dashboards for teams, stakeholders, and leadership.

Get work across the finish line faster with Atlassian Intelligence

Use AI to accelerate productivity, improve collaboration, and make the most of your data to drive forward the work that matters most.

Atlassian Intelligence in Jira helping a user generate a user story from a simple prompt

Manage projects big and small

The most flexible and scalable tool in the market with granular controls over security, privacy, and workflows.

Global and project-level configuration

Customizable fields, workflows, and more

Rich APIs

Permissions and privacy controls

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Plug into your favorite tools

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Bring the big picture into view for the whole team

Connect all of your teams with Jira, and launch your next big idea.