Top 5 tips for migrating to Atlassian cloud

Considering migrating to Atlassian cloud? Join the Atlassian team for top considerations and tips when planning a successful migration.

Gartner says 80% of enterprise companies will be on cloud by 2023. Are you planning a migration or curious about what goes into the process? In this webinar, we’ll discuss the latest cloud updates, a framework to determine if cloud migration is right for your team, and how to establish a migration plan to help ensure your success.

Join the Atlassian Migration product team, Chris Clarke, Jason Wong, and Maren Holtvedt, to learn about:

  • Industry trends around cloud migration
  • Top migration benefits shared by Server and Data Center customers
  • Atlassian’s free data migration tools
  • Dedicated Atlassian support for migration customers
  • Tips, best practices, resources and more


Chris Clarke

Head of Product, Bitbucket Cloud, Atlassian

С момента прихода в Atlassian в 2014 г. Крис является лидером в области управления корпоративным программным обеспечением и продуктами для миграции. В настоящее время он возглавляет команду по управлению продуктом Bitbucket Cloud и работает над реализацией корпоративной дорожной карты. До этого Крис управлял платформой миграции Atlassian, которая помогает сделать процесс перехода с локальной версии на Atlassian Cloud интуитивно понятным, гибким, надежным и масштабируемым.

В свободное от разработки программного обеспечения время Крис наслаждается острой пищей, парусным спортом, играми в виртуальной реальности и музицированием на баритон-укулеле.

Jason Wong

Principal Product Manager

A native of the Sutherland Shire, from the land downunder, Jason has the honor and privilege of working on the Jira team since 2014. He loves nothing more than visiting our customers to understand their business and tech as he seeks sources of inspiration for the product. An avid traveller with many hobbies. A proud family guy.

Maren Hotvedt

Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise

As a consultant turned experience designer and now marketer, Maren’s work focuses on understanding complex customer experiences and diving into how they can be made better, whether at the product, process or system level. Most recently, she helped form the Atlassian Migration Program and drive improvements to our migration experience. Outside of work, you’ll find Maren running, scouring interior design blogs or hiking with her pup.