The ultimate guide for marketing teams

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Marketing Teams E-book

Craft an effective view of your customers

Rediscover the power of accurate personas and how to create them.

Decide how your brand fits among your competitors

Use this step-by-step guide to stay one step ahead in your industry by conducting a brand and competitive analysis.

Nail your brand positioning and messaging

Your campaign can’t be effective if it’s off-brand, but it can’t be on-brand until you get these two factors wrangled.

Create a strong marketing plan

Brilliant ideas deserve top-notch execution. You’ve set your strategy, now turn it into a simple and powerful plan you can deliver.

Set up an engaging editorial calendar

In the sea of marketing content, you need yours to stand out. Learn how to plan content to wow your target audience and get it created.

Best practices for content development

You’ve decided on the content you need. Now how do you get it all created? Find the answers here.

The ultimate guide to stakeholder management

From identifying who gets a say to making weekly updates a breeze, learn how to manage stakeholders effectively.

Optimize your campaign to get the best results

Launch day is only the beginning. Discover when and how to optimize your campaign to be sure it’s working hard for your brand.

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