Portfolio for Jira Workshop

Empowering Enterprise Agility: An exclusive event series

Portfolio for Jira helps you combine long-term planning and agile development, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between visibility and autonomy.

With Portfolio for Jira, you can plan and forecast with confidence, make data-informed decisions when things change and keep everyone on the same page.

At this exclusive event, you will learn how Portfolio for Jira can help you:

  • Know when you can deliver:  Plan from strategic themes to high-level business initiatives, down to epics and stories, and use these to forecast realistic release dates.
  • React to change:  Work in an ever-changing environment with scenario planning, bottleneck visibility, dependency consideration and team and people management.
  • Keep everyone on the same page:  Get aggregated visibility into the status and progress across multiple teams and projects.

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What customers are saying:

“It was really nice to move away from manual updates and spending time trying to create progress and status updates.”

Ray Yee – Product Manager, Klarna

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