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Atlassian Access

Looking for more administrative flexibility and visibility into your managed users? Join this webinar to learn about exciting new updates to Atlassian Access and get a glimpse into the roadmap so you can make the most of these features to help you scale your organization securely.

Each organization is unique, but how admins scale and manage their users in the cloud requires visibility, flexibility, and security.

In this webinar, join our product marketer and product manager of Atlassian Access as we share use cases and exciting new updates. We’ll also provide a sneak peek into our product roadmap so you know what features are coming later this year.

Learn more about:

  • Administrative flexibility with authentication policies
  • Visibility into shadow IT with automatic product discovery
  • Expanded functionality of identity providers, cloud products, and org insights
  • Minimal administrative overhead with an optimized domain verification process


Sandy Tang headshot

Sandy Tang

Product Marketing, Enterprise Cloud – Atlassian Access

Sandy는 베이 지역의 B2B 및 B2B2C 기술 회사에서 다양한 경험을 쌓은 노련한 데이터 기반 제품 마케터입니다. Atlassian에서는 고객과 대화를 나누는 것을 가장 좋아합니다. 타고난 호기심을 가지고 있으며, 여행을 좋아하고 싱글 몰트(스카치) 위스키를 좋아하며 다소 디즈니 광입니다.

Jonathon Yu headshot

Jonathon Yu

Product Management, Enterprise Cloud – Atlassian Access

Jonathon joined the dark side when he switched from engineering to product management. Gaining insight into customer needs and delivering meaningful improvements are the parts of his job he enjoys most. Outside of work, he runs a dance group and hikes up mountains.