Navigating the server end of life

Own an Atlassian server license? Join us for a deep dive on recent changes we’ve made to our server and Data Center offerings.

You’re likely already aware of the changes we’re making to our server and Data Center offerings. We know you have a lot to consider and several decisions to make – we’re here to help you navigate these changes as partners. In this webinar, experts from Atlassian will discuss how to determine your best path forward and help you prepare strategically, technically, and financially.

We’ll cover:

  • What's changing and when: Understand the details of the end of server sale and support, improvements to Data Center, and upcoming price changes.
  • What your options are: Get help making a plan tailored for your organization.
  • Spicy topics: Whether it be GDPR, data residency, or compliance - we know you have questions and we’re here to share our plans.
  • Available resources: Learn about the various resources, tools, and services you can leverage.
  • Q&A: Get your burning questions answered live.


Maren Hotvedt headshot

Maren Hotvedt

Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise

As a consultant turned experience designer and now marketer, Maren’s work focuses on understanding complex customer experiences and diving into how they can be made better, whether at the product, process or system level. Most recently, she helped form the Atlassian Migration Program and drive improvements to our migration experience. Outside of work, you’ll find Maren running, scouring interior design blogs or hiking with her pup.

Kim Okazaki headshot

Kim Okazaki

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Cloud Platform

Kim Okazaki has been with Atlassian for over 7 years and is currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager on the Enterprise Cloud and Platform team. In her current role, she’s focused on helping customers understand and leverage Atlassian's enterprise capabilities in the cloud. Previously, she helped bring one of the company’s newest products, Atlassian Access, to market. Outside of work, Kim loves spending her time in nature - bird-watching, hiking, and surfing.

George Totev headshot

George Totev

Head of Risk and Compliance

George Totev is an experienced and innovative leader with a passion for Information Security and Risk Management. He has more than 20 years of experience in software and financial industries, most recently establishing the Risk and Compliance function at Atlassian. His responsibilities include enterprise risk management, compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as nurturing a culture of integrated risk management in a fast growth, DevOps/Agile environment. He is a trusted advisor on risk and compliance matters that affect new products, strategic initiatives, M&A activities, etc. Before Atlassian, George established the Information Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance group at Visa, and led Application Security at Goldman Sachs. He is also a member on the board of the Bay Area CSO Council and sits on several other technology advisory boards.

Jen Luther headshot

Jen Luther

Senior Privacy & Product Counsel

Jen’s legal background has focused on the intersection of human rights, social justice, and corporate law. As a former Atlassian customer, she was inspired to join the company’s efforts to incorporate privacy by design. Since joining Atlassian, Jen’s helped to grow the Privacy Program with customer needs and user rights in mind, mostly recently by increasing transparency into Atlassian privacy practices on our Trust Center. Outside of work, you’ll find Jen exploring nature trails, testing new recipes in the kitchen, and spending socially-distanced time with friends and family.