How cloud improves performance over on-prem

If there’s anything that can make or break business productivity, it’s the performance of your tools. If they slow down or go down, it can cost you big—in lost productivity, IT time, and sometimes customer goodwill.

Which is why it’s no surprise that performance is a top-of-mind concern when companies start thinking about moving to the cloud.

The good news: performance concerns are unfounded. In fact, network performance is currently the #1 reason companies move to the cloud, according to a survey by INAP. And with uptime guarantees, automatic scaling, and automatic performance upgrades, it’s no wonder.

So, what are the myths around performance, and how do we bust them here at Atlassian? Read on to find out.

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Cloud improves profits, productivity, performance, scalability, and creativity. Here's how.

Myth: “Cloud is slower than on-prem.”

Not all cloud providers are created equal, but today’s best-in-class cloud tools are often faster than on-prem. In fact, moving to the cloud improves the speed of IT service delivery—according to 76% of enterprise leaders.

That’s what the data says, and it’s what we hear from customers when they migrate.

Cloud performance

Why is Atlassian’s cloud performance so top-notch? For starters, we’re hosted on AWS—a cloud provider consistently ranked among the best of the best. Our cloud products offer 99.9% - 99.95% uptime guarantees. We leverage economies of scale to bring the best technology, latest improvements, and deep expertise to thousands of customers. And our globally distributed data centers are better for global teams.

Not to mention that our real-time Statuspage always has the latest updates on system availability and performance—so you never have to feel out of the loop.

Myth: “An outage in cloud would be a nightmare for my team.”

Downtime is always a nightmare, it’s true. It costs companies an average of $5,600 to $9,000 per minute. And that’s not factoring in the high stress, lost sleep, and frustration of your on-call technicians.

But with financially-backed uptime guarantees on our Premium and Enterprise cloud plans and a steady track record, you can rest easy in Atlassian Cloud. Not to mention that if your systems do go down, someone else takes care of it—instead of waking you up in the middle of the night.

As Laurent Bordier of Lucid Motors says: “With Atlassian Cloud, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night because a node in the data center was down. That’s a hugely positive aspect for me and my customers because I can ensure the best SLA possible.”

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