Drive your developer experience with data across Atlassian

You want your software team to be at their best. There can seem to be a million places to start. But to provide the best developer experience possible, you need to understand your software development at different levels from the team to the organization. We show you how to leverage the data across Jira Software, Compass, Atlassian Analytics, and Jira Align for continuous improvement in your software delivery.


In this webinar, join the Atlassian product team to discover how you can use data to:

  • Guide your DevOps health through DORA metrics
  • Manage your value streams with flow metrics
  • Identify bottlenecks in your processes
  • Find best practices across teams


Ben Jackson

Group Product Manager, Atlassian

Ben Jackson は 2019 年にアトラシアンに入社し、スタートアップから大規模組織における製品管理の分野で 20 年以上の経験を積みました。現在は、データ・エクスペリエンスのグループ・プロダクト・マネージャーであり、過去 3 年間、Atlassian Data Lake の作成、Atlassian Analytics のローンチと一般発売に至るデータ戦略を推進してきました。