How we're investing in Hipchat Data Center for enterprise teams

Learn more and get an early preview into some bigger changes coming in Hipchat Data Center.

The Hipchat Data Center team has been working hard since its launch in June 2017 to provide you with new features to support your growing team. We're excited to share some new updates that are coming soon, including:

  • New Hipchat Data Center mobile and desktop applications – improved stability and reliability, especially for Windows
  • Improvements to notifications – clear markings for unread messages across clients
  • New video and screen sharing functionality – including remote control, inbound/outbound calling, and guest meeting access

Join the webinar with Alison Husleid, Offering Manager of Hipchat Data Center to learn more and get an early preview into some bigger changes coming in Hipchat Data Center.


Alison Husleid

Offering Manager, Hipchat Data Center

Alison manages the Hipchat Data Center business and is passionate about helping teams work better together.  A native of Massachusetts, when not at work she can be found drinking he favorite red wine or cheering on her beloved Boston sports teams.