Letting the right people know about incidents is an easier-said-than-done kind of task.

Every incident is different and some notifications simply don’t need to land in everyone’s inbox. We’ve listened to a lot of customers who like the idea of posting an incident to their status page, but not having that incident sent as notifications to all their subscribers.

This can be helpful for smaller incidents that might not have visible impacts on subscribers, but you still want your incident record to reflect the change.

This can also be useful for incidents that are resolved or nearly-resolved when originally posted. While you’ll want to post this on your log of past incidents, it might confuse subscribers to get a notification about an incident that’s already resolved.

Now, Statuspage team members and admins can toggle which incidents trigger alerts to subscribers. In your Statuspage account, you’ll see a checkbox underneath any new incident you create. By default, the box is marked to send alerts.

Check it out in your Statuspage account. Haven’t built your page yet? Get started today.

Manage incident notifications with alert toggling...