Since the start of Statuspage, two of our core tenants have been:

  1. Keep end users in the loop during downtime.
  2. Reduce the support load on incident response teams.

At a minimum, this means giving end users a status page they can depend on and allowing them to subscribe to incident notifications via email and SMS. Year over year, we’ve seen more companies opening up with their customers and being transparent around downtime. Last year alone, Statuspage customers logged more than 104 years of collective incidents.

At the same time, end users increasingly expect to be able to get support through live chat, and for good reason – a messenger in your app or on your site can make support much easier and more personal, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, greater retention, and ultimately greater revenue. That said, when a customer starts a conversation, they’re not looking to just have a chat. They’re looking to solve a problem.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the new Statuspage app for Intercom. Our friends over at Intercom have built an out-of-the-box Messenger integration that works seamlessly for mutual Intercom and Statuspage customers. It’ll help end users get the information they need within the context of their Messenger chats, and keep support teams from being inundated by an influx of questions like “Why can’t I log in?” or “When will the app be back up?”

Intercom’s new Messenger

Intercom has re-imagined what a messenger should be, and today released a new Messenger that makes it easier and quicker to get things done. It features a whole new space to engage and support customers – the Messenger Home – and a library of powerful new Messenger apps that speed up your workflows in the messenger.

The new Messenger Home makes it easy to scale your support by letting customers help themselves with useful content and actions right in the Messenger, without even having to start a conversation. Allowing customers to get support instantly can greatly increase their satisfaction – they recently found that customers provided with real-time support have a 15% higher NPS score.

Keep customers updated with Statuspage and Intercom

If you’re using a messenger to provide support to your customers, you likely experience a sudden increase in conversations when you suffer downtime or a widespread issue in your product, which can put pressure on your support team.

With the new Statuspage app for Intercom, you can proactively update your customers on incidents from within the Messenger, before they start a conversation – meaning they get the answers they’re looking for quickly, and your team experiences less of a surge in chats asking “Is the app down?”

End users can subscribe to updates right within Messenger

You can display the Statuspage app in the new Messenger Home for just your logged-in users, or for visitors to your website too – whatever suits your business. This can be changed at any time, depending on your needs. For example, you might not normally display incidents that only affect logged-in users to prospects on your website, but if you’re experiencing an issue that means no one can log in you might want to display it temporarily.

And, if a customer does write in asking about an issue, you can also send the app within conversations too, straight from the Inbox in a couple of clicks. The app updates in real-time, so your customer can keep up to date on incidents and even subscribe to updates (via email or text) from the messenger.

To get started, take a closer look at Intercom’s new Messenger and the quick Statuspage app setup guide.

Providing proactive support through Intercom and Statuspage