I’m excited to announce that Statuspage, the leader in status and incident communication, is now part of the Atlassian family. Statuspage was founded in 2013 with the mission of creating trust between service providers and their customers. With thousands of customers – from startups and cloud leaders like Intercom, Venmo, and New Relic to enterprises like Intuit and Citrix – Statuspage is the single source of truth for the status of cloud services.

Austin office welcomes Statuspage

Statuspage arrives in Atlassian’s Austin office to shoot a testimonial video

Every software company is now a service company

Atlassian helps teams build and ship great software. In the cloud, all software is now a service your customers, end-users and partners rely on. Providing status and regularly communicating with your customers – especially during incidents – has become a critical part of the software delivery process.

We believe a service without status is incomplete. Imagine a mobile phone that doesn’t display its cell signal. When a call drops, or a web page doesn’t load, you’d have no way of knowing why.

Cloud services without status is like cell phones without signal bars.

Statuspage lets any company create a hosted status page for communicating up-to-the-minute status on the health of their technology services with their internal and external customers.

This is not just for technology companies. Traditional media companies like PBS now primarily deliver their content over the Internet: downtime is missed advertising revenue. Universities provide their content to thousands of students online 24/7. Even healthcare companies like Oscar and HealthEquity communicate and engage with their customers almost entirely online.

Status communication isn’t just for hi-tech companies, it’s for everyone.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but internal status pages are just as important as customer facing ones. As companies build and depend on their internal services, internal status pages allow IT and operations departments to efficiently communicate status across the company.

That’s why Statuspage and Atlassian are a perfect fit. Statuspage furthers Atlassian’s mission to help teams everywhere communicate and collaborate better.

IT and support teams save real money

In June of this year, Statuspage customer FiveStars Loyalty experienced a serious production incident. Overwhelmed by phone calls to their support center, they redirected on-hold customers to their public status page. Their status page received 10,000 visits over two days while call volumes dropped to manageable levels. The support team, freed up from potentially thousands of phone calls and emails, doubled their service performance levels and resolved 98% of caller’s issues. This is a common story for customers of Statuspage.

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We’re longtime fans!

As both a customer and partner, Atlassian has a long history with Statuspage. Statuspage powers,, and

Atlassian status

We built integrations between Statuspage and our products, such as our Hipchat integration that allows distributed IT and support teams to get real-time status updates within their virtual war rooms – a common use case for team chat.

We are also huge fans of the company. Their founders, Scott, Steve, and Danny, along with all the team members we’ve met impressed us from our first discussion with them. Their vision for driving trust and transparency for online services, coupled with their focus on building great products, made them a perfect fit with Atlassian’s vision and culture.

The future

On behalf of all Atlassians and our customers, we’re thrilled to welcome the Statuspage team to Atlassian and work together building a product that has become vital to software and IT teams. We will continue to offer Statuspage as a standalone service while we work with their talented product team to accelerate their efforts, aided by the depth of knowledge we’ve gained from our 57,000-strong customer base.

Get your own Statuspage

We’re so excited to share Statuspage with the world that we’re offering 50% off the first 3 months of subscription of any standard plan for the first 1,000 signups.

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Atlassian acquires #1 status communication platform Statuspage