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Productivity is both an art and a science for getting things done, and striking the right balance can be a very personal thing. Just as no two people learn or think the exact same way, there will always be individual factors that play into how each person defines their own productivity routine. Lining up your lists in order of “To-Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” is just the start!

There is a common thread, however, that’s shared by folks who are truly productive. And it’s something that we at Trello have noticed among top productivity experts—they all spend an awful lot of time customizing, tweaking, and outright inventing productivity routines with the purpose of creating the best possible way of getting things done for themselves. Luckily, they then share those routines with you! And that’s what we’re here to do, too.

How To Be More Productive Every Day With Trello


Welcome to Trello’s Personal Productivity playbook: A collection of boards based on popular productivity methods personally developed by some of the world’s best “get it done” experts.

Here’s a preview of the four boards that you can use separately or together, as-is or customized to your unique needs, for a more productive way to manage all of life’s tasks and to-dos:

The Mise-En-Place Productivity System

“Mise-en-place” is a French culinary phrase that roughly translates to “putting in place” or “everything in its place,” and that’s exactly what this daily task organizer system will do for all the moving pieces of your life. With some awesome automation and a few key ways to categorize tasks, meetings, and emails, you’ll be able to tackle each day without worrying that a to-do has been missed.

Copy the sample board.

Prioritize Tasks In The Eisenhower Matrix

The name says it all: This task prioritization framework is positively presidential. President Dwight D. Eisenhower himself built this system to help keep the United States in order, and with four clear categories, it’s a fast and effective way to focus on accomplishing the tasks that matter most. You know, like keeping the economy afloat and ensuring world peace. Nbd.

eisenhower-boardCopy the sample board.

Stay On Top With A Weekly Review Process

Taking some time at the end of each week to look back on your “Done” list is a proven productivity hack for building a better to-do list. Experts like David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, do this to stay on track with important goals and maintain momentum week after week. This workflow even has an option to help plan work and life to-dos simultaneously, for that sweet time-saving efficiency.

Copy the sample board.

Dream Big With A Mind Map

Productivity isn’t just about execution, it’s also about aspiring to grow, exploring possibilities, and planning goals. Mind mapping makes connections between big areas of your life (professional development, travel, and hobbies) and the things you want to do to grow in those areas. From your brain to your board, laying out all your dreams, ideas, and goals will turn them into plans and action items faster than you can quote Dr. Seuss: “Oh! The places you’ll go!”

Copy the sample board.

We hope these ideas inspire you to save some time, get organized, and accomplish even more every day. Copy these boards, give them a try, and most importantly, make them your own. This is your life, your to-do list—your personal productivity journey!

Productivity may be personal, but you don’t have to keep it to yourself! Find us on Twitter @trello and tell us what changes you’re making to be more personally productive.

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