Despite the advantages of Jira Cloud, there are times when Jira Server installed on premises or in your own cloud environment is a better fit. That won’t stop you from integrating Jira with Opsgenie for on-call scheduling, alerting and incident management. Opsgenie supports secure, bidirectional integration with Jira Server even when it’s behind your firewall.

There are several key use cases for integrating Opsgenie with Jira, including:

  • Incident Tracking – If Jira is your system-of-record for tracking incidents, Opsgenie can remotely create and update Jira issues for Opsgenie alerts and incidents. Two-way integration ensures that issue fields stay in sync with events in Opsgenie throughout the response process. Incident records can then be reviewed and audited in Jira as needed.
  • Bug Tracking – Alert responders in Opsgenie are troubleshooting and trying to resolve problems as quickly as possible. During the response process, they may uncover code issues and bugs that need to be addressed by developers. Integration with Jira helps the Ops team quickly and easily convert an Opsgenie alert into a Jira issue for developers to address.
  • Request Management – Sometimes the alert can be resolved through a configuration change or resource adjustment rather than a code change. If you use Jira or Jira Service Desk for request management, Opsgenie alert responders can easily create a request in Jira for other teams in the organization to help with network changes or additional infrastructure capacity.

Opsgenie Marid

To overcome the challenges of integrating with on-prem tools like Jira Server, Opsgenie provides an application called Marid that is installed locally in your environment. Marid communicates with Opsgenie without requiring inbound connections through your firewall. Alert events are fetched from Opsgenie and the corresponding Jira issues are updated in Jira Server. Marid can even be used to trigger custom actions in your environment from the Opsgenie UI.


Opsgenie Edge Encryption

We know that security and privacy are key concerns when sending data to a cloud-based platform like Opsgenie. That’s why Opsgenie developed an Edge Encryption application to encrypt data in your environment before transmitting to Opsgenie. Atlassian takes security very seriously and the Opsgenie platform is protected by stringent security controls. Those organizations that want more control over their data above and beyond those measures can utilize Edge Encryption for additional peace-of-mind.

Jira Server and Opsgenie

Whatever your reasons for choosing Jira Server over Jira Cloud, an on-prem deployment is not a roadblock to using the Opsgenie incident management platform. Using Marid and the optional Edge Encryption application, Opsgenie can securely communicate with Jira Server to synchronize your alerts and issues. Sign up for a free account to see how Opsgenie can streamline your alert and incident response.

Integrating Jira Server with Opsgenie